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About Our NGO

We aim to improvise the health access and health information in rural areas. Health for Every Village and Villagers in India, strengthen the public health system, introduce quality health measures in rural areas. Revolutionize the health access and delivery for Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart attacks, Strokes, Cancers and Mental Health by integrating technology. Training and skill development of healthcare providers. We reach in community and do guideline based screening. We have tools to diagnose heart attacks at earliest and refer to tertiary care center in golden hour.

Health awareness for early detection or prevention of complications of Hypertension, Diabetes, and Heart attacks, Strokes, Cancers and Mental Health problems. Rural areas of India and in fact of the whole world are deprived of access to health information and health delivery. Having no access to diagnosis of hypertension and diabetes is itself a huge lacking in the system. Most of the sudden deaths in rural areas are unexplained but they attribute to Cardio Vascular Diseases (CVDs).

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Our Mission

We, Rural Health Progress Trust are trying to fulfill the gaps in public and private healthcare system so that people in rural areas can accesses health facility and benefits as much as possible, We are implementing various scientific guidelines and suggestions to standardize the treatment of diseases in rural areas, with international recognition of CDC, US, Lancet; we are following standard protocol for diagnosis of hypertension, diabetes and other NCDs.

Mission RHPT
Vision RHPT

Our Vision

RHPT has extensive research activities on developing practical models to control heart attacks, stroke, kidney failures and sudden deaths by providing economical solutions for management of their causes like hypertension and diabetes. Research papers are published in international platforms at London, Beijing, Seoul, Barcelona, Milan etc. RHPT has closely worked with CDC US, Lancet Commission on hypertension, World Diabetes Foundation Denmark, International society of hypertension etc to develop comprehensive mHealth-based management system for NCDs. RHPT is on a mission to early detect, treat and prevent complications of NCDs. Main area of focus of RHPT is health – NCDs and education.

Popular Events

We are a non-profital & Charity raising money for rural area

Training for WDF Project

Under the Project of World Dibatics Foundaction RHPT Social Health Leaders giving training to the Village Hypertenstion leaders in Osmanabad, Maharashtra.

Work with Medical College

Rural Health Progress Trust and Sonajirao Kshirsagar Homeopathic Medical College Beed, jointly working for managing Hypertensions and Diabetic in rural area,Beed.

Free Health Camp

Rural Health Progress Trust has conducted a free health camp at Khamgaon, Dist Dharashiv, Maharashtra.

Our Achievemtns in Numbers

Our specialty - Hypertension, Diabetes, Mental Illness, Cancer, Skill Development, and Livelihood









Meet Our Team

Meet our team, a diverse and dedicated group passionate about driving positive change and innovation in rural areas of India

Dr. Arun More

Dr. Arun More

Ajay Gade

Mr. Ajay Gade

Balaji Karanjkar

Sundar Gade

Sharad Padule

Mr. Sharad Padule

Vice President

Our Volunteers

Our volunteers are the heart of our organization, selflessly dedicating their time and skills to empower communities and make a meaningful impact.

Mr. Mahesh Prajapati

Expressing heartfelt appreciation to Mahesh Prajapati for exceptional volunteer work with us. His pivotal role in developing the CEMR Android application has significantly enhanced community engagement and emergency medical response. His dedication and expertise have created a user-friendly app that will impact many lives during pandemic. We are grateful for his invaluable contribution to our mission.

Mr. Ayush Tandel

We express heartfelt gratitude to Ayush Tandel for his exceptional volunteer work with us to develop website. His expertise in web development significantly enhanced, positively impacting. His dedication and skills have left an inspiring mark on our organization, demonstrating his commitment to our organization. We are deeply thankful for his invaluable contribution and fortunate to have him on our RHPT trust.

Mrs. Priya Jamdade

We deeply appreciate Priya Jamdade's remarkable contributions to our organization. Her dedication to MMM Yatra, Health Checkup, Screening Patient, and Blood Camp has significantly enriched our initiatives. We are profoundly grateful for her invaluable contributions and her steadfast dedication to making a meaningful impact. Her exemplary service exemplifies the spirit of volunteerism and continues to uplift our organization.

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