TIRH Research

Research is an integral part of science

And it has to benefit mankind

Rural Health Progress Trust, through its Ter Institute of Rural Health & Research is involved in epidemiological research to understand core problems in Rural Health in India and Developing countries.

We believe , we should be able to  apply the research findings & recommendations for benefit

of the mankind.

We have thousands of research papers published and many are still waiting to be applied at

 mass level to pass on the benefit of research to humans.


Rural Health Progress Trust is involved in developing practical models  from the published

research worldwide.





Rural Health Survey



We have reached up to 13600 people till now.

Blood Pressure (BP) is measured in 10700 people till now , of them 61% never checked thier BP prior to, we did !!

We have some interesting findings of  Rural Health status , here

Every fourth person is hypertensive in rural area.
61% people never ever checked their Blood pressure in lifetime.
76 % people above age of 60 years never checked their blood pressure in rural area.
Women has double the chances of getting BP measured than men
Total prevalence of hypertension in Rural India is very high.
Household people has more chances of hypertension than labours & agricultures
More the number of family members, the prevalence of hypertension increases

 RHPT’s Ter Institute Of Rural Health is actively involved in implementing the research. Dr Arun More, Founder, RHPT in association with Khulna University and AFC Health , Bangladesh ;  has developed an android app “PredictRisk”  which predicts the heart attack risk. It is presented in International conferences and  has got appreciation for the initiative.




The research from RHPT has been presented at ISH, Seoul, Korea in 2016 as abstracts.

Dr Arun More,was awarded with “Best Oral Presentation, Bronze Award” for his abstract.

Dr Arun More, Founder was awarded with “Best Oral Presentation, Bronze Award” .
Dr Arun More, Oral Presentation at ISH, 2016 at Seoul , South Korea.

Android app by RHPT

Blood Pressure Management at Home  (BPMx atHome)

We will help you to monitor and control your Blood Pressure