Have chest pain ? Feeling uneasy ? Any palpitaions, sir ?Call us whenever you want to take ECG of yourself or your patient. We will give you the service at your doorstep. This service is currently available in Murud, Maharashtra and Behiang, Churchandpur, Manipur .

We are committed for your care and if you have any heart attack, you should get the treatment at earliest.


                                     For Doctors

Halo doctor , any patient with chest pain / palpitation / dyspnea  ?

Dont have ECG machine with you ?

Call us on 9763484731 whenever you  want ECG of your patient to be taken. Our person will come to the clinic with a mobile ECG machine and you will get ECG with report in less than 10 mins.

The reporting will be done by  cardiologist.

                                   For general People

Have chest pain / palpitations/ difficulty breating ? Have high BP , Sugar ? Had any heart attack or heart surgery anytime before ? Or just want to see your own ECG ??

Call us on  9763484731.

If anyone has Chest pain and fears that this could be heart attack, they can just call us and we will reach to their spot within 10 minutes and will provide a conclusion based on ECG findings.

The reporting will be done by a Cardiologist and the chest pain will be assessed by other clinical parameters provided. Our paramedic will also record the BP and Pulse rate at that moment and will be conveyed to the cardiologist assessing the ECG.

                                 Tele ECG Services

The Cardiology team of Rural Health Progress Trust provides Tele ECG Services to assist rural based doctors to diagnose heart attacks in time.

We will provide you with ECG machines which are equipped to work with 2G Internet connections and can be taken wherever the mobile connection is available. The machine can be shared with the Doctor / Clinic / Hospital/ Diagnostic Centre at a very cost effective model.

Cardiologist will opine on the ECG and also can opine based on the clinical information provided within 10 minutes.

                         Cancer Counselling Centre

We have huge burden of cancer in our area. Our own findings suggests the incidence of Cancer as 9%.

The patients and relatives of cancer patients face a lot of problems. Many patients and relatives don’t get  exact information of the disease, they are not aware of the nature and course of the disease leading to sufferings and undue mental harrasment .

People thinks, once cancer is detected means the end is only death . It is not so, if someone is diagnosed at early stages and if the they gets proper guidance and direction life can be saved.

We are here to give a support for you.

We will give our time for you to clear dilemmas in your minds and let you know everything about the disease.

Come let we discuss .

Currently , Our Cancer Counseling center is  at Murud , Dist Latur .