Mobile Hypertension Clinic

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Dr Arun More at Mobile Hypertension Clinic at Sarola, Osmanabad

 On 8th Dec 2016,

“Rural Health Progress Trust” inaugurates and starts “Mobile Hypertension Clinic ” for villages.
RHPT team works in a village for  3 weeks prior to day of Hypertension Clinic and screens all  adults for Hypertension.

BP is measured 3 times at one sitting.

Initially screened people having abnormal numbers of BP are again screened after a week with standard protocol and then a doctor  personally measure BP during Hypertension Clinic with screening of ECG, Diabetes and Urine microalbumin.

First “Mobile Hypertension Clinic” Held at Sarola where  around 175 patients were seen and out of them  85 % turned out to be hypertensives and were started on pharmacologic or non pharmacologic treatments as indicated.

We have a protocol to check compliance and control of BP as well.

RHPT plans to cover all Villages of Osmanabad Taluk of Maharashtra under “Mobile Hypertension Clinic”  in next 6 months.

We are Committed to provide access to Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypertension

We run Mobile Hypertension Clinics in Villages regularly

People are given access for checking the BP and  to treat it !!