No matter where you are…..check your pressure today  …….

We welcome you to participate in the May Measurement Month 2018 drive.


In 2017, International Society of Hypertension ;  ISH conducted a global blood pressure screening survey across approximately 100 countries, collecting data from over 1 million participants. Following the success of the 2017 campaign, in 2018, ISH proposes to conduct a second global cross-sectional blood pressure (BP) survey of volunteer adults (aged ≥ 18 years) who ideally have not had their BPs measured for at least a year before BP screening. The survey will be conducted in approximately 100 countries each incorporating a variable number of screening sites. Basic demographic and clinical information as well as BP measurements will be collected by health profession volunteers throughout May 2018. Sitting blood pressure will be measured in triplicate according to standardized specified methods. The data will be anonymised, coded and transferred electronically to a central database. Details of the application(s) will be distributed Prior to May 2018. Screenees whose BP readings are consistent with the current definition of hypertension will be provided with written dietary and lifestyle advice. They will also be provided with a referral to receive medications and/or follow up support, according to local facilities.



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