LifeLine-Eisenmenger free community


There are many young adolescents  who present  to our OPDs with newly appeared cyanosis and clubbing. 

We do an  Echo and find that , Oh !! This patient has a Congenital Heart Disease, which could have intervened much earlier to prevent this Cyanosis developed  from a  Acyanotic Congenital Heart Disease.

Eisenmengerisation is  the   End Stage, where we dont  remain with   many options to treat it.

Let we act on it much earlier in  life of the child

An initiative of Dr Shivpujes’ “LifeLine Cardio Diabetic Centre, Latur”.

“Eisenmenger Free Community”

Children suspected with congenital heart diseases will be screened for Congenital Heart Diseases with Echocardiographic Study at “LilfeLine Cardio Diabetic Centre”, Latur, Dist Latur, Maharashtra, India.

We will support those children who are found to have Congenital Heart Diseases to get them complete treatment of the disease.


“LifeLine” Cardio Diebetic Centre Launches ” Esienmenger Free Community” at

“Symposium on Eisenmenger Syndrome”,

held at Vits Grand, Latur on 11 February , 2017.

Dr Sanjay Shivpuje Consultant Interventional Cardiologist LifeLine Cardio Diabetic Centre, Latur
Dr Pankaj Sugaonkar Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist, Sahyadri & Aditya Birla Hospital, Pune
Dr Sayajirao Sargar, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, Lifecare Hospital, Udgir.
Inauguration of “Eisenmenger free Community”