For schools

What if we start measuring  blood pressure  from childhood ?

Can we educate our children  on knowledge on Hypertension, diabetes and their complications ?

Can, educating children  on this subject make their hypertensive  parents to  have BP / Sugar  medicines regularly  ?

Can, a habit of checking regular BP be made in persons from their childhood ?

And finally

Teachers , who are backbone of rural society be made leaders to spread awareness on Hypertension and diabetes ?

We Think

It is  Possible


If your school is willing to participate  in this social drive

Let us come together for better future of our community 

and a 

healthy next generation.



Lets do it once in a year when children comes to school at starting.


Rural Health Progress Trust will provide you a android software and a BP apparatus. What you need to do is , measure Height  and weight of Children from class one and additionally measure Blood Pressure  among  secondary or higher secondary class students. The data gets uploaded to our servers . We, upon your request  will send the complete data and measurements after calculating BMI and impression on measured Blood Pressure.

In Children where we will find abnormal BMIs, we will screen them  for Diabetes and Hypertension. 

We will conduct a small class on Hypertension and Diabetes for children and teachers once in THREE months in your school.