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 We aim to save lives with digital health

In the world’s poorest countries, it is rarely possible to be diagnosed or receive treatment for life-threatening diseases. Millions of people die each year due to the lack of or inadequate help. Heeple wish to address these challenges. By using digital health solutions, we aim to empower people in rural India to manage their diseases by treating them more efficiently. Read more…





“Heeple is honored to join the noble cause of RHPT in changing conditions for people with hypertension and diabetes in rural India. This partnership is a unique opportunity to actively reinvest our experience in activities that significantly improves the quality of life for people in the world’s most vulnerable areas.”

Daniel Daugaard, Trifork eHealth

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         “helps” , NGO working for Human, environment, livelihood Promotion in Bangladesh.




About “helps”

The Human, Environment and Livelihood Promotion Society (HELPS) is a voluntary, nonprofit, nonpolitical development organization. The organization has taken a small scale initiative in the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh, an area which is natural hazard-porn for climate change. On 14 February, 2009, a voluntary group of young people with their great effort formed this organization with a view to helping the SIDR affected people in the region so that they could upgrade their life and livelihood.

To work for the welfare of the poor, landless, disadvantaged, orphan, disable, women, children, old, marginal farmers, Bawalis who depend on the Sundarbans, Mawali (honey collector), fishermen and the people who are at risk due for climate change.

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“We believe in humanity . Our goal is to serve the mankind specially the deprived rural people. We also want to spread the light of education to young people”

                                                              Saikat Mondal