BP & BS check Point

 “रक्तदाब आणि शुगर चेक पॉईंट”

“Blood Pressure and Sugar check Points”

“BP & BS check Point” means , access to check of  blood pressure and blood sugar  anytime in the village.

These  are designed to give  24 by 7 access to measure the blood pressure  in villages.

The BP readings are communicated with us through Mobile apps and we do  educate the person on hypertension and advice them for further management if they need as per the observation on Blood pressure readings. 


आपल्याला “रक्तदाब आणि शुगर चेक पॉईंट” आपल्या गावात चालवायची संधी हवी असल्यास आम्हाला संपर्क करा .