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Preventive Health.


We , aim to  improvise the health access and health information in rural area.

We aim to strengthen the public health system with mutual cooperation.

We intend to introduce quality health measures in rural areas.

We are  effectively integrating  technology  to revolutionize the health access and delivery for Hypertension , Diabetes, Heart attacks.

We aim to develop a standard and world class research institute for rural health. 

We are actively involved in research.

We provide Training and skill development to healthcare providers.

 We conduct workshops , CMEs for doctors in rural area with an aim to update knowledge and  to keep rural doctors updated with standard guidelines

We intervene to increase the compliance to drugs by patients by various means.

We  have developed tools for Timely diagnosis of Hypertension , Diabetes, Heart attacks. 

We reach in community and do guideline based screening . 

We have tools to diagnose heart attacks at earliest and refer to tertiary care center in golden hour.

We spread  Health awareness for  prevention and  complications of Hypertension , Diabetes, Heart attacks, Strokes , Cancers and Mental Health problems. 


Dr Arun More,  Founder

Sharad Padule
Dr Kaanchan More
Ajay Gade
Balaji Karanjkar



M Raihan
Dr Steve Tungnung
Dr Amol Bukan
Dr Amol Bukan